Finding Joy in the Community of Family and Friends


I just love this time of year because it corresponds to some of my favorite events; weddings, graduations, family vacations and reunions.  Each event holds special meaning for me because I’m reminded of making those milestones myself.  I know how happy and proud parents feel to see their youngsters walk across the stage.  I felt it too, first as a graduate, then as a mom.  I know how misty you can get at your best friend’s wedding.  I attended tons of them and thought it would never be my turn, then Joe came along.  And I know how you can look forward with eager anticipation to the next family reunion.  We certainly did when we traveled to ours and met our grandchild for the first time.

Many of these events require lots of planning, shopping and traveling.  It used to be a giant chore to try and arrange all the details of the parties, celebrations, programs, recitals and other events where my presence as a parent was required.  Now, I can save so much time and energy by using Groupon to shop for what I need, I actually look forward to getting invitations.

The first thing I do is check Groupon.  Then, if I need a new frock, I check Saks OFF 5th, because I know I’ll get the best styles at the lowest prices, and it’s important to me to save as much money as possible.  Using Groupon to shop Saks OFF 5th is a convenient way to get in on the action, without getting in the traffic.  I was an instore shopper for years and have always counted on them to be the one place I could shop and know I’d be the only one wearing the dress I bought.  And since they stock merchandise from name brand makers and all the top designers, I’m always on trend or ahead of the game.

So getting ready for the upcoming round of parties and celebrations is as easy as pointing and clicking on all the dresses, tops, shorts, shoes and accessories to put together a smart look.  Then I save as much as 80% off clearance items, or I use special codes for exclusive deals I get for being on their email list.

There’s another holiday coming up that I look forward to as well, and that’s joining Joe at our local community center to honor him and our local service men and women on Memorial Day.